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I am currently 28 yrs old. I am one of the unlucky females with PCOS.
I have been looking for help and answerd and found this site. I was relieved to see that I was not alone with this problem, reading posts from 2004 make me realize that this problem has been around for a while. I am just wondering why do many people and doctors still have no clue about PCOS. I know that is it not curable but is it not preventable and why are young women not warned about this?
This is my first time on this site and even telling my story to anyone.
I have suffered with irregular periods since the age of 14. Not getting it for 4-5 months was never a worry to me because I knew I was not pregnant and so I thought it was great to not have it. But by the age of 20 my mother began to get real worried and I so I went to my familyu doctor who then refered me to a Gyno. This Gyno did a pap test and a blood test. He then told me my hormones are totally imbalanced and that I must take bcp. I did not want to take those because in my mind that was for women who did not want to get pregnant and I was not even having sex. Anyhow, I was began to take Aless and in less than 6 months, I put on 40lbs, had acne all over my face and by boobs went from B cups to D, my hair on my arms and face grew and still grows thick, my hair on my head began to thin and drop out! I freaked out and completly stopped taking the pill mind you that I did get a regular period every month until about the age of 24. I then again just let it pass refusing to go back on any bcp to then end up gaining more weight, no way! About a year ago, went from not getting my period to getting for 2-3 months strait and serious cramps. I went back to see my family doctor and all he said is that I must loose weight, 30 lbs! I am now 5'5 and 180lbs.
I finally decided to go see a new Gyno 4 months ago and after two months of testing, I am told I have 20 cysts on 1 ovary and 12 on the other, I have very very high insulin and my iron is extremly low.
SO, now from all my research, I must eat right and exercise. I am now on iron pills, [B]Metformin[/B] which I am told I have to take gradually for over 1 year and on bcp called [B]Diane 35.[/B]
I hate taking pills, but I was told if I dont take these, I will not be able to have children. Its been a month now, and I am so worried, my breast are very sensitive, swollen and I fear of them getting even bigger! I am waking up every morning with a headache, my acne is not getting any better. I fear that the little hair I have left will soom be gone because I read that Diane 35 makes you loose your hair...The only good news is that I have lost 2 lbs!
[B]Is anyone one else on one or all of the above medications??[/B]I would like to know how others are feeling. Is there not another way out of this other than with all these drugs? I went to a health food store and was told to take [B]Estrosmart, has anyone ever taken this? [/B]
I feel so helpless having to take all these drugs and feel upset all the time and going mad...[B]I even forget sometimes to take my medication, what happends if I missed dosages of metformin? [/B]
I think that younf girls should be more aware of these things, I wish I was told about it when I first went to the Gyno, I think I would have been alot more healther today.
I am so sorry for the long post but I didnt know where else to turn to.
Hopefully I can get some feed back from readers.

Thanks you for your time!

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