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Beyaz to treat PCOS
Nov 12, 2010
I recently turn 20 and on 11/10/2010 I was diagnosed with PCOS. My husband and I are not planning on having kids anytime soon so my doctor gave me a new birth control pill called Beyaz. I have tried to find information on this pill but all I find it that it is related to Yaz and Yasmin and all the law suites against them. I was wondering if anyone out there has heard of Beyaz or uses it or Yaz or Yasmin for PCOS and if you had any issues? I had a friend who took both Yaz and Yasmin(she dosen't have PCOS)and had to have her gallbladder taken out because of them. I just want to make sure this pill isn't going to make things worse before I start taking it.

Other than the new pill my doctor wants me to try to lose at least 10 pounds and eat healthier and exercise more. He said that because I am young I have a better chance at controlling it with just birth control, eating right, and exercise.

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