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Hi there,

I'm 23 years old. I've been having frequent and prolonged periods ever since they started. Went around seeing TCM for years, who kept saying it's due to stress. Finally went to a gyn when I was 17. Scan showed cysts in the ovaries and blood tests showed high levels of testosterone and DHEA. And so I was diagnosed with PCOS, something which I had never heard about till then, and yet now rings with an eerie familiarity.

The doctor put me on Diane. The main side-effects I had were painful cramps (which I never use to have) and sometimes numbness in my fingers which would freak me out (cos I read that oral contraceptives can increase risk of blood clot). But for once, my periods were regular, and I was really happy. But when I took a break from the pills everything went back to how it was. The doctor changed me to Yasmin about 4 months ago. The side-effects were the same, except I noticed that I tend to lose control of my emotions more easily. I find myself crying and even having suicidal thoughts, which scares me later when I've calmed myself. My skin is also getting terribly dry. Though it has always been on the dry side, now the back of my hand positively itches, and my leg is so so dry it itches and now the skin is inflamed. Not sure if the dryness is caused by Yasmin.

Anyway, my male hormone levels still remain above the normal range after like 5 years of oral contraceptive, so the gyn referred me to an endocrinologist, who asked me to stop taking Yasmin for half a year, after which I will test my blood for insulin, HBA1C, fasting glucose and progesterone. Wonder if I will be taking metformin.

I have never spoken to anyone about my condition, except my mother. It seems like there is no cure for this disease, which is kind of depressing... :(

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