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Mar 24, 2011
I am 38 and was diagnosed with PCOS last fall. I have high blood pressure and migraines so I cannot take birth control pills. My doctor put me on 2 500mg of Metformin everyday, but they made me sick to my stomach so I quit taking them. I have the extra facial/body hair, adult acne, can't lose weight no matter what I do and have horrible pain with my periods (they come anywhere from every two weeks to every six weeks - I never know when I will start or how long it will last). My doctor said since the metformin didn't work, that I will have to either have a hysterectomy or just deal with it.

My question is has anyone tried an over the counter estrogen pill/vitamin? I've been trying to do research on the treatment of high levels of testosterone in women and that is the only thing I have found to offset it. I was hoping to talk to someone that has actually tried it.

I'm open to the idea of the hysterectomy (I have two boys and don't plan on ever having anymore) but I would really rather try all that I can before I resort to surgery. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated!!

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