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I am 29 and have had pcos probably since I was a teenager. Sometimes not having periods for 4 years!!! The older I am getting the more side effects i've been getting. sooooo decided 2 actually give in to the docs and try the pill.
First they put me on dianette, took it for 3 weeks and will never take it again,was bloated, grumpy, felt weird, sore boobs, everything!!! So saw doc again and now he's given me yasmin, have only been taking it for a few days but am constantly feeling sick, bloated again and feeling a bit woozy if i'm honest. Just wandering if these are just side effects in the beginning? will they pass when i've been taking it for a while?
Notsure its worth it 2 feel like this but won't give up if side effects dissaper after a while.
please if any1 has any info about it would be brill ta :)
don't know who 2 ask as the docs here arent great and think that the pill should be fine and thats that!!!!!
thanks 4 reading

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