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Hi All :wave:
Iím new to these boards and posted on the thyroid disorder board as well. My quick background is that I was diagnosed w/ hypothyroidism about 9 yrs ago and just had levo upped to 175mcg. I requested cytomel from my primary due to persistent symptoms:
Canít lose weight despite regular exercise for years and nutritionist

Always getting up for work @ the last minute
Joint pain
Unwanted hairÖ

and he told me to see an endo. Endo said TSH is fine and that I probably have PCOS but that there is no cure or treatment. I have never had regular periods and had to use clomid (sp) yrs ago to conceive. I am on progestin now to regulate. He ordered the following (after he told me I am foggy w/ no energy due to probably having sleep apnea :eek:):

Comp meta pnl w/egf
Lipid panel
Dhea sulfate
Testosterone, fr&tot
Thyroglobulin ab
Thyroid peroxid
Tsh w/ refl ft4

and told me to come back in 6 mos, which I wonít be doing. He also left me with this little gem Ė he said I am doing all the right things and while I might not be seeing success on the scale, my body is better for it.

I get that exercise and proper diet are good for you, but a large number on the scale is not. I didnít like him at all Ė he kept asking me the same question a couple times because he didnít like my answer and got louder each time I stuck w/ my original answer. I have seen 2 endos in the past 9 yrs and they both seemed so jaded Ė like people are always trying to get over on them.

Another thing that I thought was strange about my visit - all of the blood work I listed above, he wants me to get a week before my next visit - 6 months from now. He even filled in the "date blood drawn" box on the slip as 4/__/12. And this is blood work I've never had done before. I think I'm going to have it done now and take the results, along w/ the thyroid test results to another doctor.

I also don't know what to do with this off-the-cuff PCOS "diagnosis". I am not having anymore children - would that be why he didn't mention an RX (like metformin)?

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