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Mirena and PCOS
Oct 28, 2011
Hello fellow posters,

I was just curious if anyone out there has had a diagnosis of PCOS following an insertion of the Mirena IUD device? My diagnosis of PCOS followed an awful experience with the Mirena, so I was curious of how common this might be? :confused:

Thanks, everyone!
Re: Mirena and PCOS
Feb 13, 2012

I'm glad to have found this post. I had the Mirena put in about 6 months ago. Prior to that I had no signs of PCOS. After having the Mirena put in I have developed PCOS. The Mirena has also caused a small amount of cervical erosion in which causes me to bleed lightly during sex. Other side effects I have been experiencing is constant spotting (at least 4 days + per week), bad cramping and I cannot lose any weight no matter how hard I try. I have gained 5kgs since having it in. I'm starting to question if it is worth even having the Mirena anymore but then I don't know if I could handle experiencing extremely painful periods again. I have considered tubal ligation but I want to have children in the future. I just don't know what to do :confused:.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Re: Mirena and PCOS
Feb 18, 2012
I was diagnosed with pcos and got mirena to help with heavy bleeding. It stopped the bleeding but I have been in a nightmare. I suffered from insomnia, anxiety,panic attacks, weight gain, moodiness, dry eyes, dry mouth, heart palpatations, migraines, burning feeling on the length of arms and back of the neck. please dont get this bc! im 8 months post and still get side effects and jacked up hormones worse than i was prior to mirena :(
Re: Mirena and PCOS
Mar 12, 2013
I got Mirena after having my son in 2009. I had it removed August 3, 2012 so my husband and I could expand our family. I never got my cycle so I had to be put on progesterone for 4-6 weeks. I got diagnosed with PCOS on November 30, 2012. Had my first cycle on December 4, 2012 (lasted 3 days). My Dr. put me on Sprintec (birth control) to regulate my cycles. I still haven't had a cycle since December. Before having my son/mirena, I didn't have any problems. My cycles were like clockwork. I knew exactly when they were going to start every month. Now I don't know if I will ever have a cycle. Any help would be great.

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