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I have been married for nearly 7 years and have not conceived yet....over the period i have gone to many doctors and they all said i have no problems....they told me to get my husband to do tests....
So my husband did all his test and he needed to take meds to increase his sperm count.

Anyhow 1.5 years ago i changed the doctor i was going too and the new doctor told me i have PCOS and Ovarian Syndrome....thats why i cant fall pregnant. She put me on so many medication and get rid of the problem.....

At one stage the cysts had gone and she gave me needles to start IUI. after i had finished the course of needles she did a blood test to test my FSH and so on but the results werent goood.

So i went to another doctor who is male. He told me i have the same thing (PCOS and ovarian failure) and that i have to lose weight....he also put me on Glucophage 850mg, Marvelon for 21 days and Folic acid.....My doctor suggested i get a Laproscopy done but Iam scared. This month my period was 2months and 10 days late...and then it finally came. the doctor said he can not do anything this month because i have a 3cm bag on my ovaries....and i have to wait till next month to c if he can do preparation for IUI or if the bag doesnt go on meds then i have to do laproscopy.

Btw from the time i was 10 years old till 1.5 years ago my menstrual cycle was regular but since i have taken the course of needles to start IUI my periods are irregular and come every 2.5 months.

Will i ever fall pregnant under these conditions......My current doctor isnt very helpfull and tells me if i need to know something to go to the net....what an idiot....

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