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Please help!
Jan 1, 2012
I was diagnosed with PCOS some months back after having a scan to figure out why I kept getting so many Bladder/Kidney infections. I have been on no contraception for 6 months as I want to have a baby, I have not got pregnant and only had one period which was just after coming off the pill. In the past I think I have been on every form of contraception going and before I started to use it I had regular periods. I am over weight and have been told if I do loose some weight it could help. But I have woke up this morning and I think I have came on a period although it is Brown? Bearing in mind my last period was six months ago? I am really confussed to what can help me with PCOS and getting pregnant as I dont feel I am getting enough answers. I am desperate to start my own Family and this is really bringing me down. I'd apreciate any advice or past experiences with this. Thank-you.

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