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hi there!

I had some tests done when i was 18 scans an blood tests and the bloods came back normal but the scans said I DID HAVE PCOS but there was nothing abnormal other than that the rest of me was healthy in that department. then at 20-21 i had the tests done again. but they said that I DIDDNT HAVE PCOS. im now 23 and recently had blood tests to check my hormone doctor said that all of the women hormones where fine but i have high testosterone levels ( i have no hair growth or anything just i seem to be really strong (in muscle i mean) and iv got broad shoulders and weight on me that im trying to lose with difficulty) im lucky if i have a period once every6 month my last period started 17th of September 2011. my boyfriend and i have been wanting to start a family for over 5 years and still nothing. i went to the doctors and he diddnt ask me he just looked and said do u want some "pick me ups" i said people are starting to see that im getting low with everything. i dont no anyone else who is having any problems they just have to look at there boyfriend etc and there pregnant. i feel like im the only woman in the world going threw this and im heartbroken and so is my boyfriend. I feel like a total let down to my family and the man who has stood by me threw so much. i cannot continue feeling this way anymore i need some answers please... :'(

i guess what im wanting to no is is there any hope for us? and if so what ? and how long is the treatment if any? is it serious? am i infertile?

thank you for any answers or information

Jay xoxoxo

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