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Hi. Thank you for taking the time to read this. My problems started about a year ago when I was turning 29. Up until one month, I was very regular on my cycle. I wasn't on birth control and I would get my period every 28 days. Then, bam, one month everything went haywire and I am at my wits end. My cycle went from 28 days to 45 plus days. I started getting horrible acne on my jaw line and cheeks. I felt oily all the time no matter what. Also, I have noticed that my facial hair is thicker. I went to the dr. and they were very uncnoncerned. They said that it happens and put me on birth control, which has helped A LOT. But I don't WANT to be on birth control because I feel that it is just a band aid. I have had blood tests, hormone tests, ultra sounds. They only thing they have found is that my FSH levels are slightly high, but my gyno was not concerned. I did have a small cyst on an ovary but again, he didn't care. It is so frustrating because after being on BC for a year, I decided to wait a week before I started my new pack to see if I could finally go off of it. Within a week, the oil and acne came right back. I have asked my dr. if I have PCOS. They say no because I am not overweight. I have had everything tested. Nothing is out of whack, except MAYBE my FSH. I am thinking of trying Vitrex? Anyone try that? I really just want to know if anyone has similar symptoms and NOT diagnosed with PCOS. I don't understand how I can go from 100% normal to off the charts messed up within a month. I did have severe emotional distress the year prior to all this happening. My mom passed away but the major stress of that was a year prior to these changes. I have gained a little weight, maybe five pounds in the past year. Anyone, anything????

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