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I have gone for a sonogram and it showed cysts consistent with PCOS,and my blood work (FSH and LH) were also consistent with PCOS,yet my doctors have yet to prescribe anything to me. I'm reading all these people on here that don't even have a diagnoses and are getting on metformin,and I feel pretty neglected and frustrated.

I'm in my early thirties and my LH levels are that of a menopausal woman.
This is what my Endo told me.He would not prescribe metformin though without running even more tests.

All I'am on right now is spironolactone, which my old GP prescribed off label for my acne.It has worked great but I would love to have regular periods and lose some weight too.
My new GP was "uncomfortable" prescribing me metformin because it requires such a large dose to treat PCOS so she referred me to an endo.
I mentioned it to the endo,and he said no we have to run more tests.
What the heck else does he need to prove I have it? I already did the sonogram and the blood work, and both said PCOS.Sigh,so far having this PCOS has been a huge pain in the neck.

So I was wondering if anyone else here tested menopause levels with their LH,and if getting treatment helps fix that? Am I actually IN menopause,or is it just the PCOS making my levels seem that I'am? This is all so confusing.

I should also add that last September I had a miscarriage, and recently I have not had a period in 3 months (but not pregnant)

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