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I guess what brought me here was my bikini line. If I'm wearing normal bikini hair extends about two-three inches beyond that. I've shaved since I was probably like 12 years old so now the skin there is rough and I constantly get razor bumps. I'm super embarrassed to wear bottoms because theres dark marks I'm assuming from shaving. I don't understand why I look this way and all my friends wear their bikini bottoms with and they're completely smooth and they also shave. I'm half Irish so my skin is really pale and I have dark hair which is a crappy mix so hair is more noticeable. I went online and tried to find remedies for this bikini line problem and ended up stumbling upon PCOS.

I'm 18 years old & married my husband is in the military. I had been on birth control since January of this year and after the period that I got in June, we decided that I should stop taking it. We had unprotected sex almost everyday and I could've sworn I got pregnant but alas, I got my period. I know I'm probably overreacting since we've only tried for one cycle and a lot of women said that it took them 2 months or a little more after getting of BC to get pregnant. I have a pretty regular period even being off birth control. I had an app tracker on my phone and I think there was maybe one time when it came like 5 days late but all the other times it came right when the app said it would or a day before or later. I don't have painful periods and I have barely any cramping. They're actually really average. They're not too heavy but they're not too light either. They last for a normal amount of time too, 6 days. I've never missed a period in my life, they always come every month. I have acne too and oily skin but a majority of it is scars. My mom had really bad acne when she was young so I kinda just assumed that was why and she still has oily skin to this day. I have [B]no[/B] hair loss from my head.

What concerns me the most is the excessive hair growth. My arms are kind of hairy, I have maybe 5 or 6 stray hairs on my chin that I pluck. I have hair on my face too but its not noticeable unless you're basically pressed up against my face or if you feel it. I have hair around my belly button. I also have hair on my butt and my nipples (I pluck that).

I ended up talking to my mom and she said growing up she had those exact same issues and she does not have PCOS. So the whole hair thing could be hereditary and nothing to do with PCOS. I guess what just worried me was that I was off birth control and had sex almost every day that month, yet I'm still not pregnant. Ugh any ideas?

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