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I was just diagnosed with pcos today at 30 years old. I'm devastated. I have a few questions that I can't find so I'm turning here hoping I can get some insight. I would be very grateful as I feel so alone. Here's a little background info on me, but my questions will be at the bottom if this section is too long.

I'm 5'5" and my weight has ranged from 105lbs to 130lbs in the past 15 years. As a child I was very slim and athletic. I ate like a horse and I also had a very unhealthy diet. I ate fast food constantly, drank soda by the liters and never drank water. In my early teens I started drinking and smoking etc.

I always had a little belly hair but at the time that I started binge drinking and eating (around 21 yrs old), I gained 20lbs and I started growing dark hair on my chin. I also developed painful cystic breasts, and I had a cyst burst on my ovary.

At that time my fiance had started a low carb diet and I joined in. I lost weight, by cystic breasts healed and started a new life.

By the time I was 23 I cleaned up my life and my diet, I started to eat organic, drink a gallon of water a day, take vitamins, stay away from processed foods etc. Despite all of the crazy ups and downs, my period was never irregular.

Until I started taking Xanax and had lost more weight and I didn't get my period for a year. I went to a holistic doctor and blood work confirmed I had hypothyroidism. I started thyroid meds and a few months my period came back normal.

Today at 30 I am 120 lbs (25" waist) and have some hirsutism, I knew for years something was wrong with my hormones but instead of my OB giving me a blood test, they'd just throw me on BC.

Fast forward couple of years off BC I got pregnant 2 years ago to a very healthy boy and went full term. My fiance and I weren't even trying, it was an oops. After I had my baby my period cramps were extremely painful. I wanted my hormones tested but once again, I was put on BC.

I stayed on BC for 6 months and my periods were less painful and I had less hair, but I really wanted to be off them. I went off BC and my periods were barely painful and normal for 5 months until just recently...

For the past 3 months my periods have been spotty and coming every 3 weeks instead of 28 days. I had always kept a low carb diet because I felt better mentally and physically, but I had started eating pastries here and there, along with being less active and I gained 10lbs over 3 months. I wanted to lose the weight fast, so I went on a ketogenic diet for a month.

Now this past month I had pain in my left side by my ovary, so my endocrinologist sent me for hormone blood work, and she had found that my estrogen was low and my testosterone was high.. she said I'm at the beginning stages of PCOS. She prescribed me Glumetza (metformin)

Now my questions are these...
I have low estrogen and high testosterone.

Why is PCOS beginning now? Despite my clean, healthy, organic lifestyle for the past 7 years?

Is it possible I've had this my whole life? Or did I create this by my unhealthy past lifestyle?

Is this the cause of my huge sensetivity to carbs? As I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted..

If this drug evens out my hormones (by upping estrogen and lowering testosterone) will it make me gain unwanted weight? Will I be able to eat more food and not be so carb sensitive?

How come I was able to get pregnant so easily with no help 2 years ago and keep a full term pregnancy?

Should I start natural progesterone cream?

I'm sorry this is so long. I am just so confused!

I don't know how or what to eat.

My Dr. was very vague saying maybe it's because I've been stressed and recently changed my diet. I am still in shock. I know very little about this problem and when I try to inform myself I get more confused.

Thank you so much in advance!

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