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I was recently diagnosed with Diabetes and have been a PCOS sufferer for 8 years. I am no stranger to prolonged episodes of bleeding. But until 12 weeks ago or so I had a few years break where my periods were short and sweet and quite "regular" Now since my diagnoses of Diabetes and from being put on Metformin I have been bleeding non-stop for 12 weeks+ and its sooo depressing. I seen my diabetic nurse and she says prolonged bleeding isnt a side effect to metformin and it could just be coincidence and its my PCOS. But Metformin should sort this out am I right?? I feel like I am going backwards and not forwards, my sex life is taking a beating at the moment and me and my hubby are arguing alot. I am not obese but I am overweight and their is PCOS and diabetes in my family, and I have spoken to members of my family and they have had sucess with metformin. Anyone out there have similar effects with Metformin? could this be just my pcos "acting up"? I feel like I should just have my ovaries removed as a i feel defeated right now. I am 34 with 2 children

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