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... I was on aldectone for awhile, but had to stop as we are already having problems treating a more severe condition and decided just to leave it till later. ... (3 replies)
... thanks guys, my sister has it and went through the same thing so we figured it out faster with me - im seeing my 6th doctor on friday in ny and going on whatever meds they suggest - the hair loss is the big issue w me , everything else i can deal with. she got pregnant 6 weeks after starting some drug to help - and her baby is now turning one so i have hope about... (11 replies)
... Now that you have some answers...........research PCOS. That is the best thing you can do for yourself. There are some good resources on the internet as well as good books out there. I too have PCOS and I have done a lot of research on it. It really helps to understand what your body is going through. Diet is a huge factor as well. Following a healthy diet, taking your... (11 replies)

... Glad you have some answers! (11 replies)
... Update : I have pcos! Enlarged right ovary and small 'follicles' on the left one I think im going on glucophate and yasmin.... (11 replies)
... already went to a derm, internist and endo. all 3 were totally useless I am seeing a woman endo/gyno who specializes in pcos next week, so hopefully I'll walk out w/ a prescription. I've been shedding hair for 2 months now and am petrified!!!! (11 replies)
... Do you know which hormones are out of whack? The two things I know of besides thyroid that can cause similar symptoms are pcos (the most common) and cushings (pretty rare). With pcos you might be insulin resistant and have high androgen levels. With cushings you would have high cortisol and high androgen levels. Spironolactone will just help lower testosterone and reduce... (11 replies)
... PCOS is a hormonal problem and there are many different ways to treat it. Many doctors prescribe BCP and something like Aldactone (Spironolactone). Many women are put on Metformin. The meds do help out a lot, as well as diet. Your best bet would be to see a specialist and try to get a diagnosis because what you are experiencing is not normal. (11 replies)
... Hi, Sorry to butt in the post, just had a couple questions of my own!! I have some of yall symptoms, tired all the time, weight gain that I can't lose no matter what diet or exercise plan I do, hair on upper lip & chin. I have had two children & a tubal. I did not have any of these problems until about a year ago. I went to an endo, they checked thyroid, it was o,k. He... (11 replies)
... I recommend seeing an Endocrinologist. Chances are a regular doctor will not even mess with least that was my experience. I have PCOS and was diagnosed by a Reproductive Endocrinologist.........which I would recommend if you are planning on having children. PCOS has many many symptoms including all of the symptoms that you are experiencing. I have all of your... (11 replies)
... can someone update this? i have high test, dhea and free test levels and hair loss as well as pcos sympoms - oily skinm, acne, facial hair around chin, and difficulty losing weight / skipped periods. Im having a hard time getting aNY doctor to prescribe ANYTHING (11 replies)
... Hi, hope I still can help. I have been taking Aldactone for a year and a half. It is a potassium absorber, so one of the risks is having too much potassium in your system. It has greatly helped me with facial/body hair, acne, oily skin and other over production of androgen-related symptoms. It always can cause breast enlargement, which can be annoying or not, depending.... (11 replies)
... I was wondering if anyone has taken this drug for hair loss due to high levels of testosterone? Can someone tell me if it will work and if the drug is safe. Thanks~ (11 replies)

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