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... I was recently diagnosed with PCOS which causes my lack of or extremely irregular period. I'm 23 and was on birth control for 3 years prior. I was off the pill since last August 2015, and did not get my period until I took provera in the winter for 10 days. ... (0 replies)
... cyclen low, Seasonale and Seasonique. All of these made me vomit, and gain weight. I have a LOW tolerance for BC. ... (5 replies)
... have PCOS. I was diagnosed when I was fourteen. I used to go about nine months with no period then a month with a period, thankfully, I have, in my opinion, the best doctor ever. She gives me a hormone called progesterone, if I do not get a period. ... (16 replies)

... vels with metformin gets to the root of the problem. There are lots of meds to treat PCOS, depending on your symptoms, and what you want to achieve. Metformin, birth control pills, spiro... But for some people, metformin alone works well. A low carb diet has helped me more than anything. ... (3 replies)
... looked and kind of felt around my clitoris because one sign of PCOS is an enlarged one! ... (24 replies)
Pcos & Pregnant
Sep 28, 2008
... Thank you for your kind words and prayers. I'm just numb at the moment. I keep crying without warning, I'm not even sure what starts me off half the time. ... (9 replies)
PCOS/weight loss
Jan 6, 2004
... All that I know is what I learned through websites and books...however, PCOS is still a shady topic...doctors really don't know alot about it and not a whole lot of research is done on it... ... (10 replies)
... If she goes to the gynecologist, they mainly just give her the birth control pill to regulate her periods. ... (1 replies)
... Metformin is usually a second line treatment for PCOS after the birth control pill. Quite obviously if you are suffering from migraines, the pill is definitely not for you. ... (4 replies)
... Honestly I have PCOS as well. I have over 20 cysts and its not fun. Metformin should of been the first step of your doctor and information aswell. But also birth control is supposed to help as well. ... (4 replies)
Undiagnosed PCOS
Oct 2, 2006
... If PCOS is suspected in your case, which it does sound like you have should really see an endocrinologist or a Reproductive Endocrinologist. ... (5 replies)
... want to tell you that you can't get pregnant if you aren't getting a period because you just never know, but I can tell you it is possible to have children with pcos and with irregular periods. ... (3 replies)
... Well, for me I was on a lo dose birth control to regulate my periods for about 3 months which helped, and I got really busy, forgot to take my pills around the end of the month and I got pregnant. ... (3 replies)
Could I have PCOS
Apr 20, 2007
... more. Your cholesterol is very high, but that's genetic. Your periods are very irregular, but you haven't been off the pill for a year yet, so that's still pretty normal. Come back in a year. Oh, you're young. You don't need to worry about fertility yet. ... (1 replies)
Jun 16, 2005
... Hi Hope......I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2000 and I have researched it a lot. My advice to you is to educate yourself about PCOS. ... (6 replies)
... birth control is the best thing. It may be a point of finding the right brand of birth control for you. ... (4 replies)
What is PCOS??
Jan 28, 2004
... Now, PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. ... (6 replies)
... of people with PCOS are overweight. ... (6 replies)
... Hi. I have been dealing with PCOS for about 5 years, I am 28. First of all, birth control is a great start to regulate you cycles. However, it concerns me when you say that your GYN says you won't need any medical help in the future. ... (6 replies)
PCOS/weight loss
Jan 8, 2004
... Unfortunately, Provera is the only thing you can take that will bring on your period and taking birth control pills is not an option since you are trying to get pregnant!!!! Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones and the Metformin will regulate your periods!! ... (10 replies)

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