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... has anyone here had success in conceiving naturally with PCOS? ... (9 replies)
... Plenty of people concieve naturally with PCOS, my mom and grandma both have EASILY.. ... (9 replies)
... Although I was not diagnosed with PCOS until after I had my children I did have several symptoms/problems (such as no periods for months and months at a time) I did have all of my children naturally. my first pregnancy was not even planned and my second took us about 6 months of trying and i ended up with identical twins so there is hope. (9 replies)

... Hi my name is Jade and Im from Melbourne, Australia, I was diagnosed with PCOS in Nov of 2004 after getting my period from the age of 11 it had never ever been regular when I was about 15 I had an ultrasound and everything seemed normal, fast forward back to Nov 2004 my husband and I were wanting to conceive and have a baby, I was 27 I wasnt falling pregnant and my husband... (9 replies)
... I have PCOS and I have a healthy 4 yr old. I too was afraid that I was never going to get PG. I had to take chlomid and wala.. I was PG the first time I ovulated. It will happen for you, you might need a little intervention with meds like chlomid or metformin, but it will happen. Good luck!! (9 replies)
... Hey there.... personally I have not been able to concieve yet, but my cousin also has PCOS and she now has a beautifle baby boy... It took her a while... but it finallly happened. Good luck:wave: Miranda (9 replies)
... Well, by the time I reached 34 after being diagnosed at 19 I thought there wasn't a chance in hell-then came princess. I was told I had such a severe case that there was no chance, but dropped 20 lbs and there she was. I remember I called my doctor right after the home test and his answer was that I had done something wrong, there was NO WAY it was positive. This was... (9 replies)
PCOS and Pregnancy
Sep 12, 2006
... acation, Natalie has also been trying desperately to keep her weight down too, Natalie went from a size 18 down to a 14, we had almost given up on the thought of conceiving naturally, and we had started thinking about IVF. ... (2 replies)
... Hi messy,:wave: The little bit that I know about PCOS might help. I was dx 18 months ago, and have had a real battle with it. I haven't had AF for 10 months. I'm actually going to the doctors tomorrow to sort things out. (will let you know how I go)...;) First thing we both need to do is to induce AF (period). I have read from other posts that taking Provera, can bring... (5 replies)
... Your situation sounds v similar to mine. I too was diagnosed at 15 with the syptoms of irregular periods, acne and a few cysts on my ovaries. Other than that, I have no other symptoms. I never really let it bother me until last year when I starter thinking of having children with my long-term partner (I'm 22 by the way). I'm terrified I won't be able to have children as all... (9 replies)
... d no one helped me until I wanted to become preggo. I wish that I would have gotten the help before wanting to become preggo so I would have had a better chance conceiving naturally when we did decided to have a child. It definitely would have costed much less, but this is life right and it doesn't always go as planned. ... (6 replies)
... I conceived natually and I now have a 7 month old daughter. If you have trouble I believe Clomid would help. (9 replies)
... I havent been officially diagnosed, IM sure I will be on Wenesday Im waiting for the results I do however remeber my dr saying something about this when I was younger, but I have had three kids on my own with no problem (9 replies)
... normal and my figure is changing and i am so happy , feeling fantastic and feel soooo positive especially after my Consultant said they think i will get pregnant naturally as they think i might be ovulating. ... (1 replies)
... Can PCOS suddenly appear after it was ruled out 1.5 years ago. I am 118 pounds (5'4'') and had normal bloodwork before conceiving my son (naturally) and normal ovaries. My periods are still messed up 6 months after his birth and I seem to be getting many days of almost positive OPK's. Is it possible for PCOS to just suddenly appear like that? I know getting almost positive... (1 replies)

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