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... We are hoping to start a family and wondered if anyone else out there is similar and if they have any advice or information on if this will help regulate me? ... (10 replies)
... At the time we weren't ready to have a baby so I decided to go on the pill. Also my doctor had told me I needed to lose some weight. Although I was on metformin during the first 2 years I did not lose any weight because I didn't diet or workout. This past January I started dieting and excercising and I lost 22 pounds. ... (21 replies)
... keep hearing about this "metformin" drug from women with PCOS but it was never mentioned by my physician. I was placed on a birth control pill called Demulen to regulate my hormone levels which has ceased the production of cysts and hasn't affected my periods. It makes me feel like crap, but it's working for me. ... (10 replies)

Confused. lost. =(
Nov 22, 2005
... ise you to visit an endocrinologist. This problem is hormonally related, and not so much an ovarian disorder. Keep in mind, also, that this misnamed "syndrome" does not mean a girl has cysts on her ovaries. The follicles aren't cysts at all. See, each month a woman releases an egg. ... (5 replies)
... Well, for me I was on a lo dose birth control to regulate my periods for about 3 months which helped, and I got really busy, forgot to take my pills around the end of the month and I got pregnant. ... (3 replies)
... Kate, Good luck TTC -as soon as you get that + result makse sure you talk to your doc. Metformin during pregnancy is not good but it OK for the first few (12?) weeks of conception. (2 replies)
... He has given me Metformin to work on the insulin. He also said that for reasons unknown to us, it often times helps regulate women's cycles. He also said that sometimes women lose weight on the drug. He wants me to be cautious about expectations...doesn't want me to get excited. ... (2 replies)
PCOS/weight loss
Jan 8, 2004
... will go away within a couple more weeks!!!! I know it can be a pain in the butt, but Metformin is worth a try, especially since you are trying to get pregnant!!!! ... (10 replies)
... babiesangel just reminded me of something that I left out. Many women who have PCOS also have Insulin Resistance. Many doctors only test for diabetes, which does not rule out IR. IR if treated properly, can reduce your risk of developing Diabetes. Also, IR also seems to be a huge factor in weight control. ... (10 replies)
Anyone have PCOS?
Oct 14, 2004
... Metformin has been proven to work wonders for women with PCOS whether or not they have IR. Metformin is very effective for regulating our hormones, which is the problem with PCOS! It can take 6 months of being on Met before you notice any changes. ... (30 replies)
... Hello, I also have PCOS and the doctors have told me I cannot have any babies so how is it that you have four? You are truly blessed! Did you have to take any meds to have your kids? Or was it natural? I am worried that if I do have kids, will they have any bith defects?? Also I am worried about miscarages, can u advise me on what to do? tks (5 replies)
... I also have pcos and was on the pill to regulate my periods , I couldnt stand my mood swings while i was on it so my doctor put me on to metformin , which did really help and made my periods more regular and helped with my weight and skin too ! its deffenatly worth given metformin a try ! ... (5 replies)
PCOS/weight loss
Jan 7, 2004
... The one thing I noticed while taking this is that my skin looked better, my cravings for sweets went away and the hair on my legs grew slower!!! In some women, Metformin even helped regulate their periods. You might want to look into this medication if diet and exercise does not help and before going to hormones!!! ... (10 replies)
Undiagnosed PCOS
Oct 2, 2006
... If PCOS is suspected in your case, which it does sound like you have should really see an endocrinologist or a Reproductive Endocrinologist. Either one would be fine.......... ... (5 replies)
... Hi. I have been dealing with PCOS for about 5 years, I am 28. First of all, birth control is a great start to regulate you cycles. However, it concerns me when you say that your GYN says you won't need any medical help in the future. ... (6 replies)
... le with pcos and who are overweight got type 2 diabeties, it helps break down the sugar and helps you loose weight and at the same time helps pop those cysts and regulate your periods.. ... (7 replies)
... re what the future holds, but I just wish I could get over the infertility. I could live with the rest. I don't have a period unless I take prometrium. My doctor does have me on Avandia trying to regulate my periods, but it hasn't worked. Neither did Metformin. Best of luck to you, hope this helps. ... (3 replies)
Pcos symptoms
Jul 22, 2003
... I actually did take Metformin already as well, and am still on it. It doesn't seem to do a darn thing for me unfortunately. It doesn't help regulate my periods like it does with other women. Plus, I'm not insulin resistant. I take the darn pill anyways 'cause there's still hope. ... (7 replies)

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