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... I have several of the symptoms for Pcos, but I'm sooo scared of doctors, so I was wondering how they test you for it? ... (24 replies)
... Alright...maaaaaybe i'll go. I have another question though and this is gonna sound pretty stupid but uhm...How do they do a pelvic exam? ... (24 replies)
... Pelvic exams, when properly done, are basically painless. If it hurts, it's the doctor's fault, and you should speak up. ... (24 replies)

... safely overmedicating if they rx'd you and you happened not to have it. ... (24 replies)
... I too have about 100 extra lbs but the pain hurt. I just always remember that they see serveral women a day and at the end they can't remember how each of them looked. Plus if you have a good gyno it won't matter. My gyno made me feel comfrotable. ... (24 replies)
... its possible to have cysts and not have pcos, and have high or low tests and not have pcos, so just remember to look at the big picture. actually they say up to 40 percent of women with cysts dont have pcos ! ... (24 replies)
... well, so it doesn't necessarily make sense to go looking for rarer conditions. ... (24 replies)
... No, you don't have to have weight gain, especially in younger women. ... (24 replies)
... Do you have to have weight gain with PCOS? ... (24 replies)
... but most likely you will need a pelvic exam also. ... (24 replies)
... i have pcos i had blood tests ultrasounds external and inturnal they suspected i had it from my symptoms but didnt realy say until i had a laperoscopy (a camera through the belly button) then metformin started then diabex i am over weight as silly as it might sound i dont mind getting my gear of for the doc hehee (24 replies)
... is hair falling out another sign? when i wash my hair in the shower, i pull my hands away w/ a clump of hair quite often, but I still have a full head of hair (well, thin hair, but theres no bald spots) I have super irregular periods, but when the time of the month comes where im suppose to be getting it, i still get the cramps n pms, just no actual bleeding..If it's not pcos,... (24 replies)
... God this is making me nervous as hell. I have an appointment on the 23rd with an endocrinologist and on the 24th with my (new) gyno. I have never had a pelvic exam and being 19, I should of huh?? Well when I go in I will know if I have pcos. (24 replies)
... I have PCOS and was diagnosed by blood and transvaginal ultrasound (internal). (24 replies)
... takes out the most so i wonder why they went from that TO the laser. maybe it was dependent on where the abnormal cells were on the cervix. ... (24 replies)
... Oh well. I'm on a diet right now so when I do lose some weight, MAYBE...I'll let somebody examine me....but I definatly dont wanna be able to see what theyre doing... ... (24 replies)
... t 150 extra lbs of weight n i dont let ANYONE see me naked. I know they've seen it all but every time I need to get weighed by someone, or take off some clothes, they send in some 90 lb person n make me feel that much more perhaps I could request a fat female doctor? ... (24 replies)
... My doctors just did blood tests and an abdominal ultrasound (I was a virgin so they were really trying to avoid pelvic exam and pelvic ultrasound). (24 replies)
... please dont leave it too late normaly you should get a pap every two years i left it one year longer and had to have major surgery if they had of found it sooner i could of gone on a pill not saying you will have to but this is my storey all the best (24 replies)
... tann, you had a cold knife cone or a leep cone? ... (24 replies)

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