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... hey all ive had no period for 6 months now im also pcos and hypothyroid. Ive been on metformin 3months now no results and i can never loose weight. ... (4 replies)
... since 2004. now iam 29 years old and married. i have been on birth control pills and metformin all my life. since we have decided to have a baby, i went off birth control pills since jan 2012. ... (2 replies)
... I had never had a period and I'm almost 23. I was put on provera with no luck, and then prometrium to induce a bleed. I started metformin at the same time and also went on birth control. I stopped the birthcontrol end of November because of the way it made me feel. ... (4 replies)

... I've been on metformin since Jan 1 and Byetta since February 15. The Metformin has really helped me. I went a year with absolutely no period and then a year with two. As soon as I started taking the metformin, I've been getting my period regularly. ... (11 replies)
... I haven't had my period in over 2 years. ... (6 replies)
... m were used on me to induce a period. I tried the provera first and it didn't work so I tried the prometrium. I also have the insulin resistance, thats what the metformin is for. And I take synthroid for my underactive thryoid. I'm also hairy and I hate it. It grows on my upper lip, chin, breasts, hands... ... (4 replies)
... nologists...... yes im also on metformin. Just started it again. was on 500mgs for 6 weeks now im taken 1000 mgs the past 2weeks i dont see any changes and still no period the past 8 months. No i am not pregnant they tested me like 6 times already these past 8months all negative. ... (13 replies)
... I also have cramps all the time.I think the cysts on your ovaries can cause it. Also,Metformin can make you gassy or have diarrhea which can cause cramps too. What is your dosage of Metformin? My periods have come back after not having any for 3 months.Maybe you need a higher dosage,or some other medications. I'm on 100mg a day of Spironolactone too and 10mg of Prozac,and... (1 replies)
... Previous poster was right about there being lists of PCOS symptoms throughout this message board but I will rattle off what I know anyway. -irregular or absent menstrual cycles -heavy bleeding and periods that last several days -increased libido -rapid and significant weight gain, particularly abdominal obesity -increased muscle mass -male pattern baldness (triangle... (6 replies)
... Hello Ladies, I tell you it's amazing what you find out when you research and read certain things. I'm very baffled. I take Metformin because I take prednisone and it's makes my blood sugar go high so I recently was put on Metformin to control my blood sugars and it works. ... (21 replies)
... The longest I ever went without a period was 6 weeks. I too have PCOS. But everyone is different. There are woman who don't get a period at all and it's due to PCOS. And some have PCOS and always get a period every month. So it's different. ... (4 replies)
... to help "flush" the excess blood on the lining and was also put on metformin and BC. All this prescribed did help regulating my cycles again. I also lost a ton of weight. But since weight issues might not be a problem.. ... (4 replies)
... Hi, my first post on this board. I'm just got diagnosed as having PCOS (almost 2 years no period, tough hair on face, high Free Androgens, Skin Tags, Weight Gain) and prescribed Metformin. I'm also hypothyroid and on thyroxine about to change medication slightly to taking thyroixine and T3. I'm having a lot of diarrhea and worried this will stop me absorbing my... (6 replies)
... i aint loosing weight on the metformin or getting my periods, but im also on psychiatric meds, so maybe thats why i dont get my periods. i have pcos, hypothyroidism and insulin resistance. ... (4 replies)
... I have been taking my Metformin consistantly for about 3 months. ... (1 replies)
... which excluded me from receiving a metformin prescription because of this. ... (3 replies)
... terol were high and that's how I was diagnosed. I'm now 33 I pretty much have PCOS under control. I lost 20 pounds by dieting and exercise and have been taking Metformin everyday. I'm no longer on the pill because I'm married and I'm trying to get pregnant and I get my period every month. ... (3 replies)
... I haven't had my period in a long time and the doctor's can't figure out why. ... (3 replies)
Metformin + Period
Feb 12, 2007
... and it was okay so when we found out I was not pregnant we decided to try to get pregnant. Anyway, it took one doctor 7 months of different bcp and Provera and no period to send me to another doctor. ... (6 replies)
Still no period
Aug 19, 2006
... Heartsy makes a good point, please have them check that as well. I finally had to be put on birth control to have my periods start again. The metformin and the progesterone did not work. All my bloodwork came back normal I guess my period did not want to come until I had to have surgery on a cyst on my ovary. ... (3 replies)

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