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... So I was diagnosed with pcos by my symptoms. My dr. Started me on Metformin on June 3,2014, I since have lost about 20lbs... As far as a period I had nothing but spotting for a day for about 2 days.. I recently stopped Metformin on Sept. ... (0 replies)
PCOS and Metformin
May 12, 2004
... I have been doing a lot of research on the internet. I read on another board a lot of success stories with PCOS women who started taking Metformin and conceived in a very short period of time. Currently, I am on 1000mg a day ... ... (5 replies)
... what test is that to make sure you are ovulating? the only tests ive had done are the ultrasound and the lh,fsh, testosterone, dhea. the last time i tested they came out all normal. my glucose levels are all within normal range. i did a fasting insulin level and it came out LOW (which is opposite what it should be if i had insulin resistance right?) thats why my current... (4 replies)

... she did do a vaginal ultrasound where she showed me about 6 cysts on my left ovary and 3 on the right. i went to her because i was having continous spotting with no full on periods. ... (4 replies)
PCOS and spotting?
May 26, 2006
... or a year. Last month I had some spotting, and then started my period 2 weeks later, now I've just spotted again, and am expecting my cycle. I am on 1,000 mg of metformin now. I also have endo and fibroids. Do any of you have spotting with your PCOS? ... (0 replies)
... you could be like me and have some polycystic ovaries, but not the syndrome. that is what i was told. my periods are early sometimes but i ovulate, on my u/s i had 6 on one side and 9 on the other, they told me ppl with bad pcos can have up to like 40.. my hormones are normal, and i need to lose weight (but like 10lbs) did they test to make sure u are ovulating?? that is... (4 replies)
... In addition to clomid I have also been taking metformin since Sept. ... (0 replies)
... had KILLER cramps since then and some soreness. Actually, some of the cramps have been so bad that I have had to stop and grab something due to the pain. I am on Metformin and my dose was recently upped 500mg to a total of 1500 mg. Could the dose increase cause this? ... (2 replies)
... I've been bleeding for four weeks. It started as spotting in the day my period was due and since then has been getting gradually heavier. Ended up at the hosp Monday night as I lost something. ... (1 replies)
... eply bc im not sure what I am doing here i clicked the wrong thing sorry. so i have had pcos since i was 16 and the treatment was birthcontrol then and now it is metformin and i am 26 now i have been i on it for about maybe 4 years or so. i am sorry you are not getting anywhere and i hope that what i know can help you. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Jenyfer, to answer one of your earlier questions .. I has a series of blood tests and a couple of ultrasounds and the combined results showed that I had polycystic ovaries. In fact, they told me they could see it on my ovaries. The main problem I had was that I had no other PCOS symptoms (not overweight, no excess hair) but my fertility specialist said it explained my... (10 replies)
... You'll probably find the metformin to help with your symptoms and I was TOLD it will make your cycles more regular. Did your doctor test your testosterone levels? ... (3 replies)
... just some pink spotting for the last 3 weeks. Hope this answers your question. Good luck! ... (11 replies)
... and was spotting most of the time with no real ovulation. ... (1 replies)
... I am also taking the metformin at the same time. Or should I basically being TTC after the "fake period"? ... (10 replies)
... All my doctor did was look at the blood work I had done and then the things I am experiencing with my body and periods. Last month I had brown spotting for about 3 finally ended...and then a week later it started again. I can't imagine having it for over 4 months!!! ... (10 replies)
... So I was diagnosed with PCOS in Feb. Since January I have not had my period. I was put on Metformin for the PCOS. I got a recheck 3 weeks ago and the cysts have not gone away at all. I also had cervical cancer cells and had part of my cervix removed in March. ... (1 replies)
... I was still not having any periods, but spotting ever so ofter, so he put me on progesterone as well. ... (4 replies)
... continued running... I lost more weight and went down to 115, but still had a belly pooch. I went off of the shot b.c it wasn't making me feel so good, and I had spotting everyday, which made me anemic. I went to a new doctor, b. ... (1 replies)
PCOS issues
Jan 16, 2012
... change the channel and i freak out screaming and crying about it. Its really weird and I hate it. I too feel like i'm am going crazy sometimes. I don't have the spotting thing cause my doctor has put me on metformin and provera so my periods are regulated but the cramps i get, a lot and they are awful. ... (4 replies)

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