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Anyone have PCOS?
Oct 15, 2004
... Fawn.......compared to the symptoms that many women experience, including myself.....some would say that your PCOS is mild. However, ammenorhea is one of the leading symptoms of PCOS and can turn into other problems as well. ... (30 replies)
... I am from the thyroid board too..........I am being worked up for thyroid cancer.......... It was always "suspected" that I had PCOS........ I was one of those mild cases........I was thin, had regular periods but did not ovulate monthly and had excessive hairiness for a blonde person........... labs mostly in normal limits. ... (6 replies)
May 17, 2007
... I have had my glucose and testosterone checked and both are in the normal ranges. The doctor that I had recently gone to said that I could have mild PCOS. My sister was diagnosed with PCOS and she had all the symptoms of having the disease. I am the complete opposite to her. ... (2 replies)

May 4, 2009
... Can PCOS be diagnosed through a regular old pelvic ultrasound, or does it have to be a transvaginal ultrasound? ... (5 replies)
... Does this even SOUDN like PCOS ... perhaps very slight? ... (5 replies)
PCOS or not?
Oct 27, 2006
... Well, there would definately be no harm in having yourself checked out. I'm not sure exactly what type of meds you are on, but have you checked to see what symptoms you may experience from taking that medication? None of your symptoms sound out of the ordinary for some meds, but I suppose it could be PCOS. But, I would say that since this all started at the time you began... (3 replies)
... Try getting in to see an Endocrinologist,they are better trained at dxing PCOS and treating it than regular gynos. ... (1 replies)
... I'm currently having quite alot of gynecological problems,e.g. irregular, long and very frequent periods, mild cervical cell changes, pain on intercourse and bleeding afterwards, excssive discharge and internal redness etc. ... (0 replies)
... my PCOS was likely caused when I got TOO thin as a teen and my hormones got messed up. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, metformin is usually prescribed to PCOS women to help them have regular menstrual cycles. ... (11 replies)
PCOS and Acne
Jan 27, 2004
... There's several ways you can tackle this problem. The first thing you need to know is whether your PCOS is caused by a Progesterone Defficiency or Insulin Resistance. ... (11 replies)
... That is another sure sign of PCOS. But PCOS is so hard because not everyone has the same symptoms ... ... (3 replies)
PCOS or not?
Oct 18, 2006
... This is my first post on the PCOS board. For the last 6 months or so, my periods have been very irregular. Twice I have missed an entire month, and when my period does come it is very late. ... (3 replies)
... ver miss a month, as far as opks, and CP tec, i ovulate every month, and i did get a blood test that showed i ovulated this past month, so i don't understand the PCOS thing. how can i just be diagnosed with this at my age, and after having so many tests, and having kids already, is this something, that can 'pop up' overnight? ... (2 replies)
... cancer. Today I was diagnosed with PCOS. Hopefully the metaformin will help me get preg. And hopefully a mild case of PCOS is not that hard to live with? ... (6 replies)
... The nurse practitioner said that it is definately not PCOS but an OBGYN said that it could be. I am getting a second opinion. Does anyone know if this sounds like PCOS? ... (1 replies)
... The nurse practitioner said that it is definately not PCOS but an OBGYN said that it could be. I am getting a second opinion. Does anyone know if this sounds like PCOS? ... (15 replies)
... And even MY doctor said it was more on the mild side... ... (5 replies)
... s and diagnosed me of very mild PCOS.So after 4 yrs i came to know my problem.At present i am on clomid.My insurance company covers everything including medicines...... ... (19 replies)
... mild increase in the amount of hair on my face, back and arms, mild but persistent acne, tiredness and frequent yeast infections. My periods are regular with BCP. They are usually heavy and painful when I am off pill. ... (2 replies)

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