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... I had a never ending period myself. At first they thought it was hypothyroidism. Eventually, I was sent for an ultrasound and MRI. A solid mass was found on my ovary. ... (11 replies)
... ending period too. ... (11 replies)
... I Also had a never ending period about 5 months before they could stop it , they tried all sorts of med but with no luck. ... (11 replies)

... I have had my period now for 7 weeks. It's a real period. Some days it's spotting and then it's like it's gone...and then it comes back. ... (11 replies)
... I just want the period to stop. So he said after that happens, I'll start on metformin. It slowed down, but it hasn't stopped yet. I still have to use tampons. But that's alright... ... (11 replies)
... I know there are things they can do to manipulate things - once you've gone long enough for them to say you have fertility problems. :( But right now I'd worry about getting over this and THEN start talking to your Doctor about fertility issues. If your husband is still in the military they have an excellent infertility program at Walter Reed for very little money (which... (11 replies)
... I know this is going to sound crazy,but please hear me out. I've struggled with I learned a few years ago PCOS. I know all too well the never ending period and the birth control method of stopping them among other things. I finally decided to do some research and am currently prego. ... (29 replies)
... To get into the program you get your PCM to refer you for being infertile and they have a list of blood tests you have to get done that you fax in along with that to Walter Reed. There is also a Saline Sonogram that has to be done. If you go to their website (Walter Reed) and go under the gyno department andf then the infertility department from there, they have the list of... (11 replies)
... Ok, I'm not military but I have been dealing with PSOC for quite a while. I haven't had any babies, but I haven't really tried. I suffered for years with abnormal periods that went on for months. BC only helped when I was on it and I suffered from really bad depression I now believe was related to it. It was horrible. I had to insist that my Doctor prescribe Metformin after... (11 replies)
... You are AMAZING!!!!! We're not near DC, we're in Florida. But if it comes to that (down the road) needing IVF, then I would be more than willing to spend some time in DC with friends while going through the procedure. do I go about doing that?? Do I tell my Dr. I want to pursue IVF at Walter Reed? Do I just call WR and set up an appointment? Do I talk to my Tricare... (11 replies)
... Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington D.C. The thing with Tricare is all they will tell you is that "we don't cover that." When the hidden secret is that if you travel to one of the big hospitals you can get the procedure for free performed by a military Doctor at a military hospital. I think Walter Reed is the best for the infertility stuff, but I believe the big... (11 replies)
... Where is this Walter Reed place? I'm interested to hear more about this. I've learned that you really have to do your own research with Tricare and be your own advocate. Most of the time Drs. won't help you with the extras, and you really have to know your stuff and push for what you want. If you're not one step ahead, then you're 5 steps behind with Tricare. (11 replies)
... Alright so I saw my Dr. today. I still have not stopped bleeding. He gave me a month of birth control pills. I'm supposed to take 2 pills a day until my bleeding stops, and then take one a day until the pack is out. Is this odd? I haven't heard of this before. I'm willing to do ANYTHING to stop the bleeding. But we also really want a baby. He mentioned after we get my... (11 replies)
... sorry about the never ending list of questions, im just excited to know everything. ... (6 replies)

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