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PCOS and diet
Sep 24, 2005
... It isn't a PCOS diet, its eating foods that are low on the glycaemic index. Diabetics in particular are meant to benefit aswell as it gradually reduces and maintains the blood sugar, which is much better and healthier for the body than having dramatic swings as probably exists in many of us. ... (2 replies)
... Women gaining too much weight, diabetes occurs, hormone levels get thrown off... PCOS. It was startling for me, always having been underweight with no blood sugar issues, no family history of diabetes. ... (8 replies)
... No, not everyone with PCOS is doomed to become Diabetic. Not everyone with PCOS is even doomed to become IR. PCOS and IR often run hand in hand, and if IR is NOT treated properly, it can lead to diabetes. There is a different test to determine if you have IR or not. ... (1 replies)

... Hello Gavman, First off I would just like to mention along with books there are some really great web sites about PCOS. I have been doing alot of recearch because I beleive that is what I have. Some books you might find helpful are: PCOS: The hidden Epidemic by Dr. Samuel Thatcher or PCOS: A womans guide written by a woman with this disease. I hope things work out for the... (5 replies)
... or type 2 diabetes that can recommend a book that you found to be very helpful? ... (5 replies)
... I was wondering if anyone here has both PCOS and Cushings? ... (1 replies)
... I was diagnosed with PCOS over a year ago, although I knew I had it doctors said I didnt as I have had children! It was discovered as I was also diagnosed with diabetes Of which the chances of getting are increased if you have PCOS. ... (6 replies)
... PCOS can make it VERY hard to lose weight. VERY. My weight didn't budge and kept going up until I started taking metformin. ... (4 replies)
... is considered the top end of normal or safe. 6.1 wouldn't be an issue for most people, but Insulin Resistence is a precursor to both PCOS and diabetes and because of this, it's quite easy for it to go up but hard to get it down. This is probably why your doc wants to play it safe and get you back on the met. ... (2 replies)
PCOS and Sex
Mar 21, 2006
... I have had the same problems, but only when I am married...When I was single I didn't have to worry about sex unless I wanted it, but I firmly believe that pcos and sex have alot in common...I can't have an orgasim unless I help myself achieve it during intercourse...but have you been checked for diabetes? ... (4 replies)
... cysters"I typeed in PCOS and found a wonderful group of "soul cysters" ..Message boards and alot of info to read!!!!Have a painfree day!! ... (5 replies)
... Melasma are dark, irregular patches commonly found on the upper cheek, nose, lips, upperlip, and forehead. ... (6 replies)
Anyone have PCOS?
Oct 14, 2004
... I have done EXTENSIVE research on PCOS. I have PCOS and I am a nursing student. There are many symptoms associated with this syndrome. ... (30 replies)
... I have PCOS but no diabetes. My blood sugar is always normal and I'm not overweight. I've read that metformin can lower blood sugar and I obviously don't need this since I don't have diabetes. Now I'm worried that it will mess with my blood sugar levels. ... (8 replies)
... Hey there, I noticed your post on the "Acne IS caused by Diet" thread and I thought I'd see how things are going for you. ... (6 replies)
... Wow, I never knew that. I'm a Type II diabetic and I think I probably have PCOS. I've been having the symptoms of it since I was a teenager. ... (8 replies)
... That is correct. A lot of women that have PCOS have what is insulin resistance. The Metformin helps with this. It won't hurt you since you don't have diabetes. ... (8 replies)
... I was recently diagnosed with PCOS by a gynecologist, however my doctor suspected that I had PCOS already this summer, and then I was put up on the waiting list which took over half a year. ... (0 replies)
... I was recently diagnosed with Diabetes and have been a PCOS sufferer for 8 years. I am no stranger to prolonged episodes of bleeding. ... (1 replies)
... over 10 years. There isn't a miracle pill or a shot that make it go away. What you can do is change your way of living so that you can minimize the symptoms of PCOS and other major complications it causes, such as, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, infertility, obesity. ... (6 replies)

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