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Teen with pcos
Oct 1, 2006
... doctor. She should go to a specialist, preferable an Endocrinologist or even a Reproductive Endocrinologist. I know that she probably isn't planning on having children now, but since infertility often runs hand in hand with PCOS, seeing an RE wouldn't be a bad idea if she does plan on having children someday. ... (4 replies)
... The best "medication" for PCOS is actually a healthy diet and exercise regime. ... (1 replies)
... Mine were and thats how I found out about pcos. My doctor told me that having pcos doesn't mean you can't have children but the irregular cycles will make it difficult and you may have to take some pills to help. ... (5 replies)

... untill recently.....decided to get checked out again by a different doctor. My bloods came back perfect. Ultrasound results came back different...results showed pcos on right deflated this explains alot of things.but why oh why did the previous doc, brush me off.... ... (7 replies)
... Hi, I also live in the U.K. I was diagnosed with pcos in jan this year. I have like you been put on metformin. ... (13 replies)
... due to early onset of puberty. Right now, we are for the most part working with the pediatrician. I'm very comfortable with that because she herself has two children with type 1 diabetes. Entirely different than type 2, I know but she is very up to date on both types. ... (2 replies)
... due to the fact that my PCOS symptoms are not as severe as most women with PCOS. Metformin is used not only for PCOS patients but also for diabetic patients thus the reason your doctor probably did not want to put you on it. ... (3 replies)
... First off, I was told years ago I would never have children. I got pregnant five times. I have two children ages 14 and 8. So please do not get discouraged. Years ago when I was first diagnosed with PCOS I was always in alot of pain. ... (6 replies)
Hmmm, is it PCOS
Jan 31, 2007
... le isn't overly regular this isn't the easiest task so I thought I'd go and see the dr about going on the pill. As soon as I started talking to him he suggested PCOS and I've had bloodtests and waiting for an ultrasound appointment. ... (0 replies)
Terrified of PCOS
Mar 22, 2012
... I've had PCOS since I was 16, and I'm 23 now. While I don't have children, my doctor told me that there are a lot of women out there who have PCOS and have children, his wife being one of them. They had two children and he's obviously very proud! ... (2 replies)
Dealing with PCOS
Sep 28, 2010
... Hi thanks for your story, I just found out I have PCOS too and I have been having probs for years. I have a question for you, you said your have a daughter, did you have her before you found out you had PCOS? ... (5 replies)
... he acne, cramps, and help you to loose wieght. as for your pregnancy question, birth control also plays a role in that and makes it so when you are ready to have children whenever the time may be it will help you tremendously with this task. ... (5 replies)
... Hi I am 21 and just got diagnosed with PCOS a couple of weeks ago. I got tested because my sister has recently got diagnosed with it, and I had several of the symptons. ... (2 replies)
Dealing with PCOS!
Feb 22, 2009
... PCOS should not rule your life so try not to let it take hold of you. You can still have a normal and wonderful life with children. My cousin has PCOS and she had two beautiful children. ... (10 replies)
... GYN. I am a 20 year veteren of PCOS and have had all of the symptoms you mentioned and some others. I also, have had 3 pregnancies and 2 children. ... (2 replies)
... Does this even SOUDN like PCOS ... perhaps very slight? ... (5 replies)
Undiagnosed PCOS
Oct 2, 2006
... If PCOS is suspected in your case, which it does sound like you have should really see an endocrinologist or a Reproductive Endocrinologist. ... (5 replies)
... I have PCOS and very high test levels. I had no periods at all, facial hair since I was a teen, overweight. I had 2 perfectly healthy children who are now 12 and 13. I feel I was very lucky and very blessed to of had 2 children. One thing hubby and I did.. ... (4 replies)
Jan 26, 2005
... I have pcos and I do have 2 children but they are 10 years apart. ... (8 replies)
... em and I am in a lot of pain inbetween them. I had some tests ran and found that I have a slow Thryoid and PCOS. My doctor said that unless I wanted to have more children I needed to do nothing but he isn't living in pain and dealing with all the side effects. I am looking for Helpful information from anyone willing to write. ... (2 replies)

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