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... Hi, DH and I have been TTC for almost 4 years now and we started going to the fetility spec. about 6 months ago. My next cycle we are going to be doing injectables. The doctor has told me that this med. works very well w/ people who have PCOS. Anyone else out there w/ PCOS who has alreayd tried the injectables??? Thanks, MP (3 replies)
... My sister has PCOS and now has 2 boys after doing the injectables! Hopefully this will work for you too! ... (3 replies)
... Laf ~ I didn't have obvious symptoms of PCOS as I don't have a problem with excess body hair & never had a weight problem growing up or as a young adult. (I'm almost 23 now) I am trying to lose now because I gained unwanted weight due to seeking help for the disorder. Anyways, my husband and I are trying to conceive our first child. I had an ectopic and then miscarried... (11 replies)

Jun 16, 2005
... Hi Hope......I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2000 and I have researched it a lot. My advice to you is to educate yourself about PCOS. ... (6 replies)
... sperm count on my hubby and he is normal, a dye test on my tubes and all is normal, just not ovulating like I should due to the PCOS. My question is I know the injectables are so high. Has anyone been successful with PCOS and not going the injectable route. We really want a child and so looking for any advice. Thanks again! ... (6 replies)
... Yes, there is still plenty of hope. I have PCOS and 4 children. I also had 2 miscarriages. ... (2 replies)
... conceive and with no success. My husband and I then turned to fertillity treatments starting with clomid, 8 cycles, still no success. Then we turned to several injectables and iui's, Still no pregnancy. We had given up after many frustrating months, this continued for 2 yrs. ... (29 replies)
... I was also diagnosed with PCOS three weeks ago. After ttc for two years I went to a RE and he found that I have PCOS and my insulin levels are high. I am currently trying to ween myself on to glucophage but it make me feel sick most of the time. ... (8 replies)
... ication. We had only been seeing our infertility doctor for 3 months when he decided to jump to injectables. It is nice to hear a good story of someone who has PCOS and conceived with Clomid. Were you on any other medicines in addition? ... (6 replies)
PCOS and Metformin
May 18, 2004
... Just wondering because PCOS does carry a higher rate of MC according to my DR. ... (5 replies)
... If PCOSers are set up naturally to overstimulate with gonadotropins, then why would a dr. put someone with PCOS on a higher dose than one would normally start at? ... (10 replies)
Aug 4, 2003
... was missing periods. I had several blood tests that did show much. One test though did come back funny. I did have weight gain but at the time I didnt know of PCOS so didnt know it was linked. ... (3 replies)
Mar 28, 2003
... No there is no cure but Glucophage is a start if you are insulin resistant. Injectables work well (much better in pcos patients) than clomid. Clomid is athe least expensive but the only thing it did for me and alot of women i have heard from is give maybe one follicle, huge cyst, and mood swings out the ying yang. The way my RE (she contucts studies on infertility patients (i... (21 replies)
... Hi cjkolb I joined weight watchers last week and good news i've lost 3 1/2lbs :D so i'm determined to do it.Congratultions on your baby boy and it definately helps to know it works.My hubby actually came home from work tonite telling me a friends sister went thru the same and has 3 kids all from the injections so it gives me hope and hopefully you aswell. Thanks Bubbles 29... (6 replies)
... I had a similar situation. I have PCOS and Clomid didn't work for me either. So, I lost about 30 pounds using Weight Watchers. ... (6 replies)
... years. I was diagnosed in Sept 07 with PCOS by a RE. ... (5 replies)
... Hi and welcome to the boads. Firstly being infertile or having pCOS is nothing to be ashamed of it is quite common. Yes you can concieve if you are patient it could take along time. ... (9 replies)
... Firstly I would tell your BF about your PCOS so that he can support you and the two of you can seek medical intervention. ... (5 replies)
... years. I was diagnosed in Sept 07 with PCOS by a RE. ... (7 replies)
Am I really alone?
Dec 31, 2007
... n and add another little one to the family. so we tried clomid one last time this month and are keeping our fingers crossed, if this dont work then we will start injectables in jan. i will keep you posted!!!! ... (2 replies)

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