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... untill recently.....decided to get checked out again by a different doctor. My bloods came back perfect. Ultrasound results came back different...results showed pcos on right deflated this explains alot of things.but why oh why did the previous doc, brush me off.... ... (7 replies)
... I went in for a pelvic ultrasound in Nov 2012. My doc found a 2.7 paraovarian cyst. The rest of the report said the left ovary is within normal size and there are multiple small follicules on the left ovary with the largest as 16mm which can be phsyiologic. ... (2 replies)
... after finding out about pcos i was sent to see a gynae consultant as i want to conceive a child. ... (7 replies)

... irth control pill from around age 20 until age 40 and then had to go off it due to irregular bleeding and pelvic pain. When they did an ultrasound they found my left ovary to be quite large due to an ovarian cyst that is currently around 9 cms. ... (7 replies)
... nge cycles for awhile. I assumed it was ok because I got a note from Dr. saying it was satisfactory. When I went to see my obgyn though he said that I could have PCOS as it was noted on my US that I had several follicles on my left ovary. He said there are other tests that are better at detecting PCOS. ... (3 replies)
... I saw an endocrinologist who suspected I had PCOS and I had an ultrasound yesterday that confirmed that I have multiple cysts on my ovaries... ... (2 replies)
PCOS and Me
May 19, 2011
... I am 24 and was diagnosed with PCOS as a teenager. ... (0 replies)
... nd little hairs popping out of my chin, he tested my hormones levels which came back normal. He sent me for the internal ultrasound scan and it revealed my Right ovary is polycystic and is twice the size of a normal ovary. The Left ovary has no cysts and is normal size. ... (7 replies)
... Hi Rachel, I think you need another test for Hemoglobin A1c Also, a test called "C Peptide" would be good to compare to insulin levels. What is your diet like? You can regress the symptoms if they are caused by insulin insensitvity with a "low REFINED carb diet"... and a diabetic med such as glucophage to prevent high blood sugar rises when you eat. (7 replies)
... last week, i went to the er with excruciating abdominal pain and they discovered multiple follicular cysts on my left ovary and a 4cmX4cm hemmoragic cyst on my right ovary. ... (7 replies)
... Im a 29 yr old female diagnosed yesterday PCOS and Im confused also. ... (2 replies)
... However, a diagnosis of PCOS has not been made after many blood tests etc.. ... (1 replies)
... my ovaries that I thought it might be ovulation cramps, until they got severe that my partner pleaded with me that I should consult. Thanks to him, we can treat PCOS because I have been diagnosed with it and I have six cysts of which one is on my left ovary and the other five are on my right ovary. ... (0 replies)
Mar 11, 2014
... I am a 19 year old female. I was diagnosed with PCOS in the month of May 2012. I've been taking tablets since then in order to get my periods regularly. Yet I don't get them every month. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Nicole, I'm sorry you are going through this. I had PCOS, too. The pain was so bad! I had my right ovary removed when I was 14, and the left ovary and uterus removed when I was 18 (I also had SEVERE ENDOMETRIOSIS). I'm 34 now and I'm just glad all that pain went away. My husband is very understanding about not having kids. I hope all goes well for you. God... (2 replies)
... You have every right to seek the help from an ob/gyn rather than a general practicioner. These drs usually know much more about infertility and current developments in the area. As for your cyst, I'm not sure how big your cyst is, but I have a 1 inch cyst in my left ovary and tiny cysts lining my right ovary (from PCOS) and we eventually conceived after 3 years and much... (8 replies)
... I have been recently diagnosed with PCOS. I still have a normal period, no major hair growth, no discomfort during sex, but there are several cysts around my left ovary. I am 250pds and in the process of dieting to loose the weight to help with the problem. ... (16 replies)
... So sorry about the confusion. Yes when I was 11 I had an ovarian cyst removed along with the left tube. At this point I had both ovaries. Last year I had a basketball sized cyst which contained borderline cancer cells. ... (9 replies)
... I am now 32 but when I was diagnosed with pcos i was 28 I think. ... (13 replies)
... Hello... i've only seen a horrible OB/GYN but what he did tell me was that I have all the symptoms of PCOS. Originally he just put me on ortho tri cyclen cause i would skip months and months of periods.... that worked for a while until lately (i switched to ortho cyclen cause the tri-cyclen was making me tired) i've been on the pill for about 4 years anyway, lately i've... (1 replies)

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