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... Do i have more chance of ovulating and conceiving than someone with both ovaries affected? ... (7 replies)
... thank goodness for this drug!! I believe it also aided somewhat in my losing over 100 pounds in the last 2.5 years...along with eating right and exercising...but at least now I feel like a woman again, having regular periods...I know it sounds funny, who WANTS to have one, but really... ... (12 replies)
... stop and then not have it for 8 months. I was diagnosed with PCOP at the age of 15 and was put on birth control. ... (7 replies)

... d backache.i had very very light spotting on the 10th bit of brown blood and more light pink ish when i wiped then on the 11th just a bit of brown blood mixed in with the normal discharge still not a lot at all and on the 13th it had gotten pretty much none existent but was still a little there. ... (0 replies)
... Hi , my mense is quite inconsistent in the past, but this year my mense actually has been regular until one of the month it was late and i thought it wouldnt come. I have pcos too, but acne has been my concern instead. ... (1 replies)
... So was wondering if I should contact the doctor.. I have had pcos for many years and have stoped taking my birth control years ago and was having regular periods until this last year. Before this month I would go 3 months with just spotting and one month with a very heavy period. ... (1 replies)
Weight issues
May 28, 2009
... Before having been formally diagnosed with PCOS by my endocrinologist, I had suspected I'd had it for several years. ... (1 replies)
... A friend of mine with PCOS has regular periods but bleeds HEAVILY. It actually put her in the hospital at one point. Turns out she had unbelievably HUGE cysts on her ovaries. ... (1 replies)
... I too have a problem with hirsutism and acne and have had this all of my life. I now only have my right ovary and tube. ... (7 replies)
Nov 3, 2008
... Hi, First time on this so abit nervous, Me and my hubby have been trying for a baby for over a yr now and have no joy, I have never had regular periods, I was diagnosed with PCOS 6 months ago. I did have a complete miscarriage Nov 07. ... (1 replies)
... I've been diagnosed with PCOS since 2007. I am now 27 years old. After I had the dye injected into my tubes, the doctor did a biopsy on some cells. ... (2 replies)
Possiblity of PCOS
Aug 13, 2007
... has tried to lose but hasn't had any luck. She does not have excessive hair growth or male pattern hair lost. When she was dignosed with thyroid disease 3 years ago, she gained 20 lb. ... (2 replies)
... Hi there everyone...I Have been diganoised with PCOS..For the first 2 years my periods were very few..maybe one or two a year...I had a regular period in October of 2006 and then i started again on the 25th of November...only thing is this time it wont stop...its very lite period.. ... (0 replies)
... I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS and possibly Endometriosis in December 2005 after several tests and the discovery of a cyst on my left ovary, which burst and that was extremely painful. ... (13 replies)
... spots or skin tags and i don't have any thinning hair on my head. i also never have pelivc pain except for some minor cramping during my period which goes away with a couple of advil. i could lose a few pounds but i do tend to over eat on 'bad' foods now and again. ... (0 replies)
Is it PCOS?
Sep 11, 2005
... hi there TTC and had BMS when I was supposed to O my periods r normally regular lasting 3-5 days, yet it always starts with brown discharge, i have acne on a permanent basis on my chin, back and top of my boobs, and crease of my bum/legs. Also I have dark brown spots in my thighs...finally I am hairy...I intend to go to see my GP...TIA (0 replies)
... my periods are becoming regular! Maybe you should try to get your meds upped. Have they given you progesterone? ... (1 replies)
... my periods have been completely erractic. I never know when they will happen. Over the years the gaps have varied from 4 days to 3 weeks. ... (1 replies)
... e got pg, and we now have a wonderful son who just turned 2. I was not able to continue with the MD who put me on Glucophage because of Insurance Change, but my regular MD let me continue it since it was keeping my periods regular, 6 months later we had a positive pregnancy test. ... (19 replies)
... and I got severe acne. I'm not at all overweight and doctors used this to discount the possibility of PCOS for a while. My bloodwork showed very low androgen binding hormone and consequently high free testosterone. Ultrasound confirmed PCOS. ... (5 replies)

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