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PCOS and Acne
Jan 27, 2004
... There's several ways you can tackle this problem. The first thing you need to know is whether your PCOS is caused by a Progesterone Defficiency or Insulin Resistance. ... (11 replies)
... I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2000 and went on metformin, spiro and ortho tri cyclen. within a few months my skin was clear and my facial hair was significantly reduced. ... (13 replies)
PCOS and Acne
Jan 27, 2004
... If you read the web, alot of women who have PCOS take spiro. Can I ask you, what kind of tests did you take to know you have it? ... (11 replies)

Daughter with PCOS
Feb 15, 2006
... My 20 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with PCOS. SHe had a vaginal ultrasound which proved it. For about 4 years her periods have gotten farther and farther between and very light. She has moderate acne on face and chest and some fatigue. These are the only symptoms that she has we know of. She just had her first visit with the endo and he prescribed Metformin... (3 replies)
... nutrient deficiency. I suspect and believe that the same thing is responsible for both your PCOS and your acne. Maybe you see an old doctor. I don't know. ... (6 replies)
... PCOS is caused by insulin problems, so stabilizing you insulin and glucose levels with metformin gets to the root of the problem. There are lots of meds to treat PCOS, depending on your symptoms, and what you want to achieve. Metformin, birth control pills, spiro... But for some people, metformin alone works well. A low carb diet has helped me more than anything. I am... (3 replies)
Anyone have PCOS?
Oct 15, 2004
... Fawn.......compared to the symptoms that many women experience, including myself.....some would say that your PCOS is mild. However, ammenorhea is one of the leading symptoms of PCOS and can turn into other problems as well. ... (30 replies)
Spiro Questions
Jun 5, 2007
... eciative for any responses. I am praying that my GYN will not hesitate to prescribe me this drug, because I am beyond frustrated and emotionally drained from the PCOS symptoms. ... (1 replies)
Help, Ive got PCOS
Oct 18, 2005
... Ive been on and off spiro - but recently Ive been on it for only a couple of weeks. It was my derm that first put me on 50mg, but now went up to 75mg. I guess I should ask for a higher dosage. I mainly use it for oily skin - but I think I need a higher dosage to get a better effect. I also use bcp. I have not been to a doctor regarding pcos, but guess I should. All the... (2 replies)
Help, Ive got PCOS
Oct 17, 2005
... I have excess body hair, excess fat around my middle, oily skin, irregular periods + + + Guess the chances are quite high that I have PCOS. I am on bcp now so my period is finally regular. However, the oily skin and excess abdominal fat is killing my self confidence. Im on 75mg of spiro, but it hasnt really helped my oily skin. Would perhaps metformin help against oily... (2 replies)
... Well if you have PCOS then you probably really would benefit from Spiro. ... (5 replies)
... hey everyone! ive been diagnosed with pcos about a year ago....but only had an ultrasound done...the dr said they couldnt do blood work unless i got off the pill... ... (2 replies)
... research PCOS. That is the best thing you can do for yourself. There are some good resources on the internet as well as good books out there. I too have PCOS and I have done a lot of research on it. It really helps to understand what your body is going through. Diet is a huge factor as well. ... (11 replies)
... With pcos you might be insulin resistant and have high androgen levels. With cushings you would have high cortisol and high androgen levels. ... (11 replies)
... I recommend seeing an Endocrinologist. Chances are a regular doctor will not even mess with least that was my experience. I have PCOS and was diagnosed by a Reproductive Endocrinologist.........which I would recommend if you are planning on having children. ... (11 replies)
... My daughter who is 20 was diagnosed with PCOS about a month ago. Yes, she does have the fatigue and mood swings, but I don't think she has heart palpatations. ... (2 replies)
Daughter with PCOS
Feb 22, 2006
... Metformin and Spironalactone are often prescribed for PCOS along with birth control. ... (3 replies)
... I'm no longer on Avandia and I take Spiro very sporadically. I still have mild hirsutism, but the majority of it is now gone. ... (6 replies)
... It's my endocrinologist who won't give me spiro without BC. I would use it if it didn't make me so sick! It sounds like a freaking life saver for your skin. ... (5 replies)
... I hear ya,I won't miss them either as long as I'm not stuck with permanent Pms! Does your dr. know you haven't had a period since last year? Maybe that is why he/she is pushing for the birth control? Who knows though I have heard some people get more frequent periods with Spiro,it just depends on the person. But from what I have heard,Yaz or yasmin are commonly prescribed... (5 replies)

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