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BPD and Lithium
Mar 17, 2017
Hi everyone.

I'm looking for some information/input about my situation with . I've been on Lithium for a little over a year. I take 900 mg a day (450 mg x twice a day) and I have been in the high-therapeutic range for at least 9 months now. I am SO OVER IT!
I am also on Lexapro (10 mg), which I have taken for 2 other periods of times in my life. I'm fine to stay on it, at least for now.
The Lithium prescription started while I was hospitalized for a few weeks with a diagnosis of Bi-Polar (just like everyone else in the psych ward :rolleyes:). The script was continued after my diagnosis was changed to BPD.
So here's the thing - I agree I have BPD, but I don't think I need, nor can I tolerate the side effects of Lithium. I've talked with my psychiatrist and my therapist and they both say that it's up to me, but neither of them are in love with the idea of me going off it.
Does anyone have any experience (positive or negative) or any input about going off Lithium with BPD?

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