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Hi there.
Whether she is a narcissist or not does not really seem to be the issue here. If she is, she is...if she isn't - whatever. It still doesn't explain her behavior. This is what you want in your life?

Unfortunately, you need to work on you as well because if you keep going back to this person simply because of her daughter.....thats a real problem. You clearly see things wrong with the relationship. Now you have to accept that you are not in any way the parent of her child, and you do have to move on without either of them. You wrote "I was in such a depressive state when we last broke up because I couldn’t be a father to her daughter.' This is really the issue here and it's yours- not hers.

No, you cannot be the father to a child you have no rights to... but do you want to be the husband of someone you apparently dont like? You cant have it one way without the other. Unfortunately. Look into getting yourself some help- and dont worry about if titles of what is wrong with her... she certainly isn't worried about it

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