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Iíve been in an off again on again relationship with my gf since 2012. I realize itís a difunctional relationship but Iíve gotten extremely attached to her 5 year old daughter and weíve even discussed the possibility of adoption. However, Iíve reached a point where I can hardly stand my gf anymore. I never considered that she had a personality disorder but things Iíve read have convinced me that is likely the case. Reading the traits of a narcissist I can see she shares a lot of similarities. She does all the talking and I never feel she cares to hear what I have to say. We can never compromise on anything. If I tell her to please do something or point out something about something she does that bothers me (usually how sheís messy) it results in a fight about how Iím criticizing her. Iím always somehow offensive and Iíll have to back track on what just happened because I donít see where anything I said was remotely offensive. She has pressured me to marry her for the past few years which resulted in a couple break ups. Thatís one thing I didnít read as a narcissistic trait. They usually trend to not want commitment. But she has an unhealthy fixation on marriage. Does anyone have any insight on whether itís possible to be a narcissist and still want marriage? I know I need to end it but I was in such a depressive state when we last broke up because I couldnít be a father to her daughter. Itís a hell of a predicament.

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