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I once heard that lying "happens" when you try to make yourself sound more interesting and is caused by low self esteem.
People who lie do so because they think the truth is too dull or not exciting enough and people won't be interested in what you have to say. Once you start lying it is like a bad habit that is hard to break-kind of like smoking.
I have known a couple of liars in my life and eventually they get caught in a lie because it is hard to remember your lies so you end up contradicting what you have previously said. I think I have told lies before at the very least I have exaggerated circumstances in the stories I tell. I know I have done this to add drama to whatever story Iam relaying.
Don't feel so bad. People who are your friends will like you no matter how unexciting or uneventful your life may seem to you.
Take care,

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