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Do I Have BPD?
Apr 16, 2003
Hi, i live in england and i'm in my first year of college.I've had a history of problems with bullying and making/keeping friends.Anyway, thats getting better cos i no linger get bulled and i am starting to make friends.But Everyday i go though these silly thoughts which i carnt control.Thinking i'm not good looking and then thinking i am the next day, confusion of who i am and if people like my personality.If i'm bored say when i'm eating my toast i will make a film in my mind, mainly a war scene or a hijacked plane.I will acted the film out in my head makeing it up as i go along.I have freinds at college but i dont know how to act around them, its like a worry that they dont like my personality or they think i dont have one.I always look at other peoples personalty and wish i had one like theres if its an idle like a popular person at college or work.E.g i dont know if i want to be the funny kind of person, the brainy 1, the charming 1 or the good looking 1.Its a really weird feeling and i need someone to understand what it is i'm feeling so they can give me advice.Is it BPD or is it somthing else.Thanks

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