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Hi there Crow Sun, I'm brand new to these boards. I saw your post on the 'Mental Health' Board and saw they moved it to this one. I guess I'll be going back and forth between the two.

Question: what is 'SI' ?

I was originally said to be Borderline Personality in Feb 1997, which I sure was. That was right on the nail. It was pure Hell most of the time. I just didn't like most people. People stupidity really bugged me. It was very hard. I was Married to the most easy going Man and even he could only take so much insanity. He divorced me two years later. I had a complete breakdown in 1999 and qualified for Social Security Disability which I've been on for more than 3 years now, mainly for "MAJOR DEPRESSION." I just now this past September started to be Happy again and I turned 45 that month too! [img][/img] Turns out I am doing very well in my own little world all by myself, just me and my Cat Fillmore. I'm even starting to be creative again and listening to music again. It's been a long long time. It's turning out that I won't be a confused mess for the rest of my Life after all! This is incredible! I'm just such a freak and a misfit. I don't get along with society at all. It's best that I be left alone. In 1999 I was told I am also Schizoid, Schizotypal, Schizoaffective, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders among others. Which is also all right on the nail. I think I have a Happy ending here. Thanks to a very smart Psychiatrist who know Meds. I was first given Paxil in 1997. The Paxil has helped like crazy on the Death Anxiety I used to suffer. And then in 1999 I was given Seroquel to help with tolerating people. Thats worked really well also.

I hope I've been of help.

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