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i was perscribed lexapro and wellbutrin SR and was wondering if i should be worried about long term side effects?
i took zyprexa a while back and ended up with a leg twitch that hasn't completely gone away.. so i stopped..
would marijuana mixed with either of these be a potentialy dangerous combination (not driving or anyting, just chilling in my home)?

any information would be nice.. anything. even if you dunno for sure i'd still like to hear your input..
i took lexapro and then the doc added wellbutrin. niether one does a thing for me. even 300-400 mg wellbutrin - nothing! i still feel icky inside and tired. nothing helps and it sucks. ANTIDEPRESSANTS SUCK. and i beleive they kill imagination and creativity. I hope i find something that works for me....someday....

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