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Re: Explaining BPD
Jun 30, 2003
As best as I can it is a person who has a fear of abandonment along with a fear of engulfment which can turn back and forth in as little as minutes. Also the person can only see people as all good or all bad no in between and can meet someone one day and fall madly in love within a very short period of time and then turn against them just as fast. They usually abuse drugs or alchohol are very promiscuious and could spend money like crazy. I know from my own experience dating a woman with BPD , she was very selfish, but thinks she was a caring , nurturing type and always has to have chaos going on in the relationship she cannot ever have things go smoothly for more than a few days. They learn how to manipulate the hot buttons of their partner so they can push them when they need space and always play themselves as the victim.There is more but this is good for starters and others can fill in their feelings.

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