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Re: Explaining BPD
Nov 13, 2003
Hi Hannah,

I don't know much about BPD, and obviously I don't know anything about your cousin. But the behaviour you describe, of needing time alone occaisionally during gatherings, doesn't sound to me to be anything to worry about. She might just be a healthy introvert who is expressing her own personality. Many introverts have this trait of needing time alone.

Both introversion and extraversion are healthy personality types. Extraverts are drawn naturally towards the outer world and will do things in the outer world to relax, exessive concentration in quiet, often tiring and boring them. Introverts take the opposite approach. They are drawn towards inner reflection and often have excellent powers of concentration, but are also drained by being with large groups of people for long periods of time. It is completely healthy for introverts to need time off when at gatherings with a lot of people, especially if they are already tired.

From the information you've given, I'd be careful about approaching her with it. I don't know your cousin, but if she does have a normal personality, it could make things worse. Being an introvert in a predominantly extraverted world can be very hard at times.

check out this article for more info on intros:

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