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is it possible for your personality to be compleatly crushed from jelosuly? i went through some serious jelosuly with my best friend and now we haevnt talked in years. and now it seems if i cant start a topic with anyone, i cant look into peoples eyes when they talk to me, i cant think of a responce to what people tell me, and other things like that.
...only if you let it. Though, I doubt your best friend is still your best friend if you haven't spoken in years. o.o;

I can't really help, though, unless you explain your situation more fully. Are you still jealous? Do you miss them? Have any regrets? How do you feel when you can't make eye contact, find your words, or start conversations? Why do you think this sort of... social insecurity, I suppose... is related to something that happened years ago?

Those sort of questions need to be answered before I can give you anything useful.

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