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Self Destruction
May 16, 2004
:nono: undefinedundefinedundefinedI have OCD as well as depression, with a possible Narcissistic Personality Disorder OR Borderline Personality Disorder. I have undergone some pretty extreme mental turmoil, and have been incredibly self destructive for the past few years. I can honestly say I am pretty happy now that I found a GREAT med. combo (20 mg. Strattera + 30 mg. Celexa + 500 mg. l-tyrosine), which made me nearly 100% depression free and brought my OCD down to a level at which I could function very comfertably. I have really been happy for the last 6 months, yet despite my happiness I continue to be very self destructive. I smoke too many cigarettes, drink wayyy too much, take too many pills, don't sleep a whole lot, and crush and snort pills with friends a little toooo often. I am also a big risk taker and put myself in many risky situations. Aside for these behaviours, I have no, if any, social inhibitions and frequently am loud and obnoxious in public and make a jerk out of myself and then go home with nooo shame. Is anyone else here like that, and could it be a side effect of my medication or part of my mental illness(es)?[/FONT]

hElP NeEdDeD! _mOI

From what you say it is possible that you may have bipolar (manic depression). The reaction to Strattera and the other drugs ("Happy" but self-descructive and excessive) sounds very typical of "manic" behaviour which can sometimes be triggered by stimulant medication (such as Ritalin or Dexedrine for ADHD) or some antidepressants and Strattera.

Of course I'm no doctor but bipolar would account for a lot of things, including depression, self-destructive behaviour, uninhibited and obnoxious behaviour as well as some of the traits that lead you to believe you have borderline PD.

It may be worth bringing this up with your doctor.

However, if you do indeed have borderline PD, then some degree of self-destructive behaviour is also part of that picture. It really is something you should talk to your doctor about - after all he prescribed you the medication and possibly brought up the labels you mentioned, so you should let him know about the increase in self-destructive behaviour since starting this combo.

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