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I'm 22. Male. Most of the time, I feel a lot younger. I know I have OCD. I also think I may have something else;

I can't seem to form any of my own opinions. nearly everything I say to people, is stuff I've already heard/read.

I can get very jealous over good things happening, to someone I know.

A lot of the time, when friends call me, I don't want to talk, and if they come over, I don't want to see them.

It also annoys me, when someone three or more years younger than me, is into politics, or some other stuff.

I can easily get bored a lot. Sometimes I can get really cheerful, a lol of times, I'm easily bored.

I cry a whole lot. Sometimes, even if just being yelled out. Sometimes even over animals i see on tv, lol.

Sometimes when I don't get my way, I want to die, or have suicidal thoughts.

I don't self-injury myself, but if I'm really upset over something, I will hit myself in the head.

I obsess a lot. and talk about past things I've done a lot. Like trips I've taken, or certain things that happened.

I would love to be a lot more social than I am.

When there's something I find really interesting about someone, I'll ask a zillion questions about it, and sometimes even ask the same question.



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