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Forgiving people is good for you. Your therapist has a life he has to tend to, too, and you should respect that. You should be more appreciative of the things he does do, instead of dwelling on the things you want him to that he hasn't. Although it's a mean thing to say, it's very selfish of you to expect so much.

...and it doesn't seem like you're giving him much in the way of a chance to gain insight over what you'd prefer him to do. I doubt he's a mindreader, so... don't expect him to be? Playing games is unfair to the both of you, so if you're not okay and you want to talk, get over your indignant pride and just be truthful and say so. Therapists get tired too, they might have too much on their mind to bother playing unnecessary and childish (yes, childish) i-am-fine-but-not-really,-no games.

Regardless, people are instable, and it looks like you're expecting them to be stable for you, when that's a rather impossible ideal. Why don't you find something---not a person---that you can truly depend on to make you happy when you're down? Find something you like to do that you can do alone that you really do enjoy doing and feel good about having done afterward. Religion, books, art, walking, writing, mutilating pillows...

I know you didn't ask for advice, but I'll just say I do understand the experience you've described, and that's how to deal with it sufficiently. :)

;;whispers.;; Forgive, please, sir. Always forgive.... the grudge is not worth it, and you deserve a break. Don't make it harder than it already is for yourself.

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