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I'm glad you've had so much luck with the therapies!
I can't say the same for myself, though. I refuse to take my Risperdol- it makes me dizzy and sleepy. I can't function in the real world like that... :/
I recently started new meds for other issues and those are working fine, so all that's left is out of control moods. But hey, no more panic attacks or severe depression to add to the weight of the bpd.
My biggest tool to control my bpd is my fiance, who could calm anyone down given just a few minutes. He's *extremely* patient and always knows what to say. I've never had a verbal fight with him, let alone physical. With other men I've gone so far as throwing expensive home electronics at them, breaking crystal on purpose for attention (Oh, I'm so clumsy. Your friend should go home and you should come tend to me now!)... I've even started fist fights with one. I don't know if my fiance deserves all of the credit or whether I'm just controlling the BPD better now, but I'm much better than I was a few years ago!

I write, as well.. not exactly as you do, though. I write to get the anger out, and I've always deleted it later. Once I 'say it' I have no need to harbour the feelings anymore. It's like crying on your best friend's shoulder... and it almost always ends as a *****-fest. I hate this and I hate that! Just let it out and forget about it, that's all I do. I also do yoga and meditate, but that's not for everyone. Heh, it's especially hard when your mind's racing with so many things you deem wrong and need fixing. I don't know about you guys, but I think so much it literally takes me hours to fall asleep while my fiance starts snoring as soon as the lights go out. (I'm not sure if the sleep thing is part of another disorder, however...)

On Feb. 1st my guy told me he wasn't going to marry me until I was sane (exact words, too. sweet, eh?) I went to therapy for a bit and gave my guy a synopsis of the hour... neither of us thought it was doing me any good and he must have had a change of heart, because he proposed to me on memorial day. Some therapists flat out suck and can't help you. Not all people are compatible, no matter how friendly the parties involved. If you want a good therapist, expect to take a few months (or more) finding one for you.

Remember, though, that a major characteristic of BPD is hurting others' feelings, whether you mean to or not. It's easy to let things get out of control, but if you have caring and understanding friends they'll always forgive you.

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