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I have two teachers right now that are really buggin on me. One strikes me as a super serious self constrained obssesive compulsive that sometimes breaks into odd nervous energy everynow and then during class....that nobody in the class notices but me (because I am highly observant) and the other teacher is this person who for a couple of weeks seemed deeply irate, selfish, and uses a very loud voice and then over the last two weeks she has become very hyper and equally as loud. I am not going to say what they are buggin me about but I feel that they have been jealous and trying to sabatoge me since a couple days after I started taking the class. They both give me strange looks when I ask them questions about the highly complex subject matter on the class. They are passive aggressive in that they tell the class to come to them if the any one has questions or comments. I just want to know what to do I feel like these teachers are totally against me and hate me. It just an intuitive thing...I've never felt this way about a teacher except maybe one time with a philosophy teacher who struck me as a person who had severe narcissism or borderline. I just am really worried that those teachers will make up lies about me or turn something small mistake(s) that are meaningless and will blow it out of proportion. See, everytime I ask a teacher who I think has bipolar will look at me as if HOW dare I ask her a question or start up a conversation that is important to me and the teacher will have a facial expression and a tone of voice like as if how dare I be interested in talking with dare I ask her any questions! it is freakin me out. ANd YES i smile, talk smoothly and calmy etc. I feel so much anxiety right now. What could I do>>!?
I can't stand the idea of teachers being against me because they hold a lot of power at my school and I don't want any false negative rumors or ideas being spread around. I Am so worried of people looking down on me and thinking of me as a foul awful thing. That is how those 2 teachers are treating me right if I have done awful terrible things and it is making so worried.

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