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I was misdiagnosed with manic depression and have since found out I have bpd. This is more than just anger problems. This is intense out of control flying off the handle at even the smallest things. There are several books out there on bpd. I hate the "walking on eggshells" book. Dashes all hope away. There is an awesome one called "lost in the mirror". I literally felt like I was reading my life. A lot of people with bpd say that about the book. There is a good web site called bpd sanctuary. It has a place for people with bpd to talk and also a place for families to go. This disease can tear you up inside and destroy family/friend relationships. It is so important to get help. Just like you I just heard of the bpd somewhere and thought it sounded exactly like me. After reading the book I was confident enough to go to a psychiatrist not just a counselor for help. I am taking geodon for bpd and I swear it has saved my life. I also take wellbutrin and I am happier and more stable than I have ever been. Good Luck check it out and get to the doctor. :)
P.S.: I'm currently in school for Psychology, and not one of my professors (all doctors in psychology, mind you) are at all skeptical of this true diagnosis. I'm working as a teacher's aid for one class and talking about BPD and my experiences with it in order to help the other students feel more comfortable with their own (or a friend or relative's) illnesses.

All psychiatrists and psychologists *acknowledge* it: It's in the DSM-IV.
There may still be some debate over it, but if it's in the book, it's because they've done extensive research on it and is accepted by most professionals as it is listed. Granted, things may change in the future, but what doesn't anymore...?

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