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Isn't it stange that people will look at this list of symtoms for borderline personality disorder, and think to themself, WOW that IS ME!! That is exactly how I was, because it's not that you have one or two of these symtoms, most people with BPD relate with ALL the symtoms, I know I do. BPD is definately real. I am so glad I heard about it, and know I am not the only one. People told me I was crazy when I was younger, and I felt like I was some kind of horrible person, I still read things about BPD that are from a negative point of view, I personally don't think it is fair. I have read once that people in relationships with BPD's should get out as soon as possible. I disagree with that to a point, If you do your research and understand BPD, you can get better, and you can be in a good relationship. I used to think medication can't help, but now I am not sure. I was on Zoloft a long time for depression, I stoped taking it a month ago cuz I was sick, and noticed I felt alot better, however, my temper got out of control, I mean I get mad at everthing, I am more irritable, I am yelling at my kids constantly and I hate it (I am acting like my mother who definately has BPD also, but is undiagnosed) I feel bad for my mom cuz I know she will never get help, she will keep having problems with relationships, she even does stupid stuff to me, but since I am her daughter, and also because I understand BPD I just blow off the bad and stupid crap she sometimes says(when my feelings start to feel hurt I just remember that she doesn't mean the stupid things she sometimes says or does) I know she does love me, her and my dad have been divorced 11 years, but he is the only man who could stand her more than 2 years, and trust me my dad is VERY patient, I know this because I have tested his patience many times, lol...since then my mom has had so many boyfriends leave her because of how she acts, plays games, sends mixed on..... so anyway my doctor is switching me to wellbutrin, this is one med I haven't tried before (I have been on many) I hope it helps, I really hate the fact I have been acting like a total biaatch, like severe PMSing for a couple weeks in a row, I am glad I can also recognize it, and my husband is no longer scared to tell it like it is either, he has been trying to quit smoking, he made me laugh the other day, he said "THERE IS JUST NO WAY I CAN QUIT SMOKING. ~pause~ IF I AM GOING TO STAY MARRIED TO YOU!!" of cousre he was half joking LOL. well sorry I am rambling. I wonder if anyone taking wellbutrin is doing well on that.. take care all

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