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Hello for the first time. I am Maggie and I am 31 years old and married to a man who lies to me. Not the typical 'no honey you don't look fat' kind of lies...he lies about playing poker on-line to the tune of $3,000. He lost our home due to lying about money and making the payments. I did not even know he had lost our home until 1 week before we had to leave. Moving our family out of that house was a crushing blow. We have been to see someone that he can talk to and she says he is like any addict. He may have anti-social personality disorder. I am not sure what is wrong with him, but I am starting to feel like I may just fall over. Everyday I walk into our home and feel insecure and nervous. I am waiting for the next lie. He says he is never lying again, he is trying harder than I have ever seen him try, but I know that that mountain will slide down over me again and I am not sure which time will break me.

I feel so alone.

Can anyone help me?

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