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It's possible that you have developed OCD and generalised anxiety disorder (the worrying and ruminating about *everything*)...

OCD is caused by anxiety (i.e. you feel you must do things because you fear something bad happens if you don't do them), and due to your health problems and your isolation, it is understandable that you would be dealing with anxiety issues!

The "talking to the doctor in your head" could be just a way for you to sort out what's going on for yourself, or rehearse what you want to say if you do go see someone. I do that a lot (rehearsing conversations, posts or E-Mails), it helps me to understand what's going on, pick apart my thoughts and feelings and out them in perspective, and prepare for conversations etc. (This doesn't bother me though, in fact I tend to need this in order to be able to know what I think at all, to work out different perspectives, to prepare for talking to people etc.)

If this inner monologue gets to a stage where it bothers you, it may well be linked to "rumination" caused by anxiety (GAD) and/or OCD.

There are certain medications (like mini-doses of Risperidone, or SSRIs) that work wonders for ruminative obsessive and intrusive thoughts, but you would obviously need to speak to someone (a psychiatrist) to help you sort out what's going on and check if there is any medication you can take to stop your brain from working overtime.

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