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[B]Antisocial Disorder results in what is commonly known as a Sociopath. This disorder is defined by an ongoing disregard for the rights of others, since the age of 15 years. Some examples of this disregard are reckless disregard for the safety of themselves or others, failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors, deceitfulness such as repeated lying or deceit for personal profit or pleasure, and lack of remorse for actions that hurt other people in any way. Additionally, they must have evidenced a Conduct Disorder before the age of 15 years, and must be at least 18 years old to receive this diagnosis.

You do not have this.
It sounds like you are just socially anxious. Your concerned to what ppl think. Just because your not outgoing doesn't mean you have a disorder. I have Borderline/paranoid disorders. I'm only 16, but I'm in therapy. Have you talked to your parents about that? Maybe talking to someone will help you if you feel you do have some problem. Anyway good luck.


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